hi, my name is mattias and i like creating things

too many things to list here tbqh

i dump my inane thoughts over here

Hello! My name is Mattias Thall and I am a webdesigner, bedroom musician and amateur photographer.
I was born and raised in the cold north of Sweden, but recently moved to a more temperate and lively city called Uppsala.
I am currently studying at Uppsala University and I am planning to graduate with a grade in computer science.

Past adventures include being stuck at a dead end job up in northern Sweden, and getting the brilliant idea to study abroad in Japan.
Moved to Tokyo in 2011 and stayed for a full year and had a wonderful time and experience.
I am someone who has always tried new things to try and visualize my thoughts and designs.
My skillset range from music to photography and graphic design, including: CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

My photograpy related doings are always found on Flickr.
Recorded music and soundbits reside over at Soundcloud.
And you can always find me and contact me on Linkedin and .